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The big boom! Baby Boom!

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Stressed and overwhelmed, the nurses at the Henry Pride Wing, Australia, frantically tend to the large amount of mothers and babies

that were transferred into the newly built wing of the building, due to the post-war baby boom-1958. This place, like so many others became

immensley overcrowded, and continued that way through the 1960's.


Background Information YOU need to know!


What is a baby boom? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a baby boom is a sudden increase in the birthrate of a certain area.

Who was affected? Generally soldiers who fought in WWII and women who had husbands/boyfriends fighting in the war.

Where did this occur? Mainly in the United States, Canada and Australia.

When did this happen? There seem to have been several historical baby booms, but the one I am discussing occured from 1946-1964.

Why did it happen? It began right after world war two, because the soldiers were returning home from the war and wanted to start families.






More information YOU need to know!

So why am I interested in some extended event in history that I can barley even relate to? Well being the daughter of the result of the baby boom,

I am very much interested in this time period, and so should everyone else who has parents that are 45 years old or older, because you would not

be here had this event never occured! I am simply questioning how I came to be and how I am still affected by years from the past.





As almost completely irrelevant side information, their was a movie made based on the baby boom that was released in 1987 starring Diane Keaton.

Imdb.com states that:

"J.C. Wiatt is a successful New York business woman known around town as the "tiger lady." She gets news of an inheritance from a relative from another country and off the bat she suspects it's money. Well it's not money, it's a baby girl. At first she doesn't accept until the lady that gives the baby to her has to catch her flight. J.C. is now stuck with an annoying baby girl. Her boyfriend doesn't like the idea of a baby living with them and he leaves her. J.C. has enough of it and takes her to meet a family ready to adopt her. She leaves but hears the baby cry while walking away and has to go back. The baby is too attached to her now and won't let her go. Later, her baby gets into mischief which causes her to get fired. Now, she sets her eyes on an old two story cottage in Vermont to get out of the New York life. When she arrives, the house needs more help than originally thought. She gets bored one snowy day and decides to make apple sauce. Her baby loves it and she decides to sell it. Pretty soon everyone wants some of the baby apple sauce. J.C. hits it big and falls in love with a local veterinarian. Was this fate or destiny?"



How this film relates to the baby boom I will never know, but it does in fact exist, and I came across it while researching, so I figured I would make you (the reader) aware.





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